Angular6 Movies TV Series project


About MediaAddict: 

Media Addict is a single-page Angular6 application which is built as a media services information provider. MediaAddict’s primary business is its information streaming service, which offers information about the existing and new movies and TV series from a library of films and television programs including those produced in-house.

Live Website: MediaAddict

Technologies used:  Angular6, Node.js, REST API integration, MySQL

Roles and responsibilities:

Conceptualized design and developed the movies and home page part of the application. This application uses different components on a SPA(Single Page Application) to preview movies and TV shows through routing.

  • The data is displayed from a REST API key built with a JSON endpoint and integrated in the angular project to show the movies & tv show data.
  • Users can search for movies by title or by any letter as it will list out all movies that contain the typed letter.
  • 404 errors and unauthorized access to API key have been handled.