#6ix in Pink

About #6ix in Pink:  #6ix in Pink is a personal project I worked on to gain more familiarity with WordPress child themes. #6ix in Pink is a media/e-commerce website that lets people in Toronto discover the most pink places to visit in the #6ix! Live Website: #6ix in Pink Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, […]


About MediaAddict:  Media Addict is a single-page Angular6 application which is built as a media services information provider. MediaAddict’s primary business is its information streaming service, which offers information about the existing and new movies and TV series from a library of films and television programs including those produced in-house. Live Website: MediaAddict Technologies used:  […]

XML E-Commerce Ticketing System

About XML E-Commerce Ticketing System:  A ticket booking system where user details are stored in XML files and fetched from the XML during login that lead the user to their respective dashboard i.e. client or staff. Staff members have all privileges where they can view, edit all the tickets submitted by any client as well […]

Media Say it

About Media Say It:  This is a WIP project for a client, details of which are not divulged right now. It’s a platform for digital influencers. Technologies used:  WordPress CMS (HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Bootstrap) Roles and responsibilities: Conceptualize design, developing WordPress theme and features required.

My Portfolio Site

About my portfolio site:  I had initially built my portfolio from scratch using HTML5, CSS3 and a jQuery plugin called fullPage. But I decided to go with a CMS (here, WordPress) that could help update content on my site easier. I used a Child theme and modified it to the design & functionality I wanted […]

Beethoven CSS Animation

About Beethoven CSS Animation:  Built this Beethoven CSS animation through the use of webkit @keyframes and created a piano using pure CSS. Live Website: Beethoven CSS Animation Technologies used:  HTML, CSS Roles and responsibilities: Design, development of the entire page.

Travel Junkies

About Travel Junkies:  A website that photo enthusiasts can use to log in through Instagram API and find nearby places to shoot/visit using Google Maps API. Live Website: Travel Junkies Technologies used:  HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Google Maps API, Google Geocoder API, Instagram Login API Roles and responsibilities: Design, development of the entire API application.

The Jeromy Diaries

About The Jeromy Diaries:  My personal website built with WordPress CMS that I visualized, designed and maintained. Live Website: The Jeromy Diaries Technologies used:  HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, jQuery Roles and responsibilities: Conceptualize design, modify WordPress theme and maintaining website for 4 years now.

Comrade Cafe

About Comrade Cafe:  A restaurant website that believes in community, communal running of the establishment, and most of all, camaraderie. Live Website: Comrade Cafe Technologies used: Built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Vanilla Javascript Roles and responsibilities: I built the ‘Contact’ and ‘Menu’ page in this website