About Netboost:

A database-driven platform for students & companies to connect & mutually benefit built on real world projects. The focus of this project was to create a web application using PHP. This was a group project and we decided to use PHP MVC framework created by one of our group members.

Live Website: Netboost

Technologies used:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & PHP

Roles and responsibilities:

I built four different CRUD features on this website:

  • Teacher Profile
  • Company Profile
  • Student Profile
  • Chat System

I also designed and developed code for the admin dashboard for teachers, companies and profile.

Case study: I had to work on the features keeping in mind the different user roles. Chat system was one of the most difficult yet exciting feature I worked on as it involved working with multiple SQL tables to retrieve user information, chats and chat members.

  • Teacher, Company and Profile profiles

Upon login, the user based on role lands on their respective profile pages. I worked on the display of the profile page that retrieves data based on user logged in and gave the user rights to edit their profile and deactivate their profile.

Netboost Deactivate profile
Netboost Update Profile
Netboost Display Profile
  • Chat System

As the users would need to communicate with each other while using the platform, I created a communication system through which teachers & companies as well as students & teachers could communicate with each other. I created three tables for this – Chats, Chat Members, Messages and used the existing User tables to make this chat system work.

Each time the user creates a message, I added functionality to retrieve the recipients from database. After which, when the user sends the message, it adds entries to the chats, chat members and messages table. I also added the feature where the user could reply or send messages in an existing chat that has already been created.

I also used a Database Trigger to update Chats table when a new message is added to the Messages table.

Netboost Create Chat
Netboost Create Chat System
Netboost Existing Chat
Netboost Existing Chats of the logged in user

Below are a few notes taken while working on all my features –

Netboost Ideas
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